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Dialytics home install

  • Initial Site Survey

Pressures, Machine Position, Storage, Electric Supply, Earth Position, Drainage, Suitability & Water Sample)

  • Send Water Sample

We take a sample of the water and send this off to make sure all the water is safe for the patient

  • Report 

We send our report and findings to you with all of the above information, room choice and accessibility to make sure everything fits and you know exactly what is going on every step of the way.

  • Board Made, Numbered and added to our client register

This information is accessible by you 24hrs 7 days a week online passworded

  • Board fitted

We fit the board at the property including all electrics connected and an NIC minor work certificate issued. 

  • Water ran to machine

We connect where ever we found the water main and connect to our board

  • Waste run from machine

We take waste from the machine either through a pumped macerator or direct to drain depending on the position of the board and indeed room choice by patient

  • Tested

Test and leave all ready for use once machine has been installed by Renal technician.

All for a fixed fee - your price is fixed there are no extras all installs cost the same, we do this so each patient doesn't have to put up with having a machine in the easiest place, we make sure the patient gets the machine where they want it - we pride ourselves on giving the patient what they want whilst the NHS pay the same amount every time. 

Dialytics provide a full turn key process and we will save you money on your installs whilst providing your technicians with a board to connect too and from easily whilst protecting your machines and keeping pressure to the machine constant.